Oven, Grill & Hot Plate Cleaner

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Our is a heavy-duty oven, grill and hot plate cleaner specially formulated for dissolving built-up grease and cooking deposits from grills, ovens, grease filter ducts and deep fryers. This cleaner significantly reduces the amount use to effectively cut through heavy deposits of grease, fat and proteins. It works exceptionally well on hot surfaces and leaves no film on cleaned surfaces. Recommended for use in bakeries, food processing industries, meat and poultry plants and commercial kitchens.

Rapidly penetrates, suspends, and removes
oil, fats and proteins.

Removes soils, restore shine.
Free rinsing.
Cost effective.
Leaves no film on cleaned area.
Environmentally and Ecologically sound – Easy

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Oven, Grill & Hot Plate Cleaner

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