Super Duty Hand Cleaner

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Beaded hand cleaner gel speially formulated to remove grease, dirt and grime, printers' ink, asphalt, soil, glue, adhesives and other grime quickly and effectively where soap is just not effective.

It is Non-Toxic. Non-Hazardous. No Petroleum Solvent. Comes with Moisturizing Effect.


  1. Apply CA Twin Hand Cleaner into dry hands
  2. Rub briskly and add a few drops of water
  3. Rub hands thoroughly and then rinse hands with water

Available in:

  • 4 liters with lotion pump (box of 4 bottles)
  • 3 liters with lotion pump (box of 4 bottles)
  • 1 liter with lotion pump (box of 23 bottles)
  • 1 liter with flip cap (box of 12 bottles)

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Super Duty Hand Cleaner

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