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EnSolv is the perfect direct replacement for TCE, Perchloroethylene, 1,1,1 - Trichloroethane and other hazardous vapor degreasing. It can also be used as a general solvent for critical applications such as oxygen service, precision optics, medical devices, high vacuum components and electronics.

EnSolv is a superior cleaner for oxygen service lines and components that leaves virtually no residue and conforms to SAE ARP1176! It is an excellent choice for removal of a wide range of organic soils by vapor degreaser, ultrasonic cavitation, dip tank, flushing or hand wiping.

EnSolv is a non-flammable, non-carcinogenic solvent mixture that is safe to use in many applications. Please refer to the EnSolv Material Safety Data Sheet available for download at ensolv.com for more specific information on workplace exposure levels, toxicity and personal safety recommendations.

EnSolv is also very compatible with all metals and many plastics and other materials typically cleaned in vapor degreasers, ultrasonic tanks or manually. For a full list of compatibility recommendations, please refer to the 'Materials Compatibility' document available for download at ensolv.com. Any materials not listed in this document should be tested for compatibility in the conditions of use.

EnSolv is a patented azeotropic mixture that can be distilled and reused through numerous cycles before it needs to be replaced.

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