Warewashing (Food Grade)

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Certified Food Safety Chemicals WAREWASHING

  1. Concentrated utensils and equipment cleaner.
    Features: Tough on soil, yet gentle to hands.
    Suitable for: Cooking equipment, cutleries, dishes and cutleries.

  2. Oxygen-based de-staining compound.
    Suitable for: Removing coffee, tea and food stains from melamine wares, china and metal utensils.

  3. Liquid alkaline non-foam cleaner.
    Features: Remove starch, protein, fats and oils.
    Suitable for: Pressure washers, soak tanks and automatic washing equipment.

  4. Liquid rinse additive.
    Features: Provides outstanding sheeting action to promote rapid drying and prevents spotting.
    Suitable for: Automatic injection into final rinse cycles of ware washing units, tunnel washers and rack washers.

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Warewashing (Food Grade)

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