General Cleaners (Food Grade)

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Certified Food Safety Chemicals 


These are several types of general cleaners that we offer:

  1. Alkaline general cleaner with disinfectant.
    Features: For very tough cleaning jobs.
    Suitable for: Food contact surfaces. Not for use on aluminum and galvanized steel.

  2. Mild alkaline-based general cleaner for tough cleaning job.
    Features: Safe on hands, leaves no residue, unscented.
    Suitable for: Commercial kitchen, food processing areas and etc.

  3. Combined solution for cleaning, bleaching, sanitizing usage.
    Features: Removes dirt, soil contaminants and especially mold and fungi commonly found in damp area.
    Suitable for: Kitchen floor, washroom and others.

  4. Floor and Hard surface cleaner with natural insect repellent.
    Features: Removes soil and repels flies, mosquitoes and ants. Gentle to hands.
    Suitable for: Floor and hard surface areas.

  5. Economical all-purpose cleaner for all washable surfaces.
    Features: Remove soils effectively. Leaves no residues.
    Suitable for: All washable surfaces.

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General Cleaners (Food Grade)

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